I took over this WPR not too long ago. Some people appreciated what I was doing-- the people I was reviewing. And they were perhaps the only ones.

It seems that most people who frequent WPRs are just looking for some witty commentary on the horrendous aspects of a site. They love to see that site they've always loathed bashed right open with hateful words.

It disgusts me.

I don't want to be a part of a genre of sites that is known for such behavior. I went into this as a favor to the old owner of Rootbeer Reviews, who thought I would do a good job at this. I wanted to be different from other WPRs. I wanted to be nice. I wanted to help out other sites. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I don't think I have.

But this job just isn't for me. I'm expected to treat sites like dirt because I am a reviewer, and I refuse to do that. So, I will not be a reviewer anymore.

I apologize to the sites I promised to review. I know you would appreciate someone's feedback, so I will try to contact each of you personally.

I only had one set of reviews, but that was enough to turn me off from this game. Leave it to the people who actually enjoy doing this sort of thing. The other no-name reviewers can take care of it. Let the popular ones stop ripping people apart. Let the ones that are actually kind actually get some notice.

-- Immora, signing off.